Thanksgiving is a season of overeating, shopping, decorating, and attending parties. It puts a lot of stress and pressure on your body and mind. Don’t worry because after the much-anticipated Turkey Day, you can rest and recover from the festivities.

Having a plan to relax, get back to your weight-loss program, and detoxify will help you return to your full health after the holidays. This is important because injuries and sickness from all the celebration can make you feel so immobile, bloated, and ill that you may have to seek urgent care in Federal Way.

thanksgiving recovery plan

Fight the Urge to Eat

Since your body is working harder to digest everything you consumed for the past days, you need to fight the urge to eat. Wait until you’re hungry and let your body rest from all the large meals. Don’t confuse withdrawal symptoms with hunger. You may mistake headaches for hunger, but instead of eating, it’s best to ignore it and allow your body to rest.


When you stop eating a lot, your body goes into a catabolic state of eliminating toxins. This is good because it means that your body is releasing wastes that make you feel unwell. Just let it clean itself. In case you’re bothered by how your body is detoxifying, you can consume light foods such as vegetables, juices, and fruits.

Move to Boost Your Lymph System

When your body detoxifies, you might not feel like moving and going out. However, to help fast track your recovery, it’s better to move your body to facilitate the elimination of toxins. Walk around the neighborhood, ride your bike, or go for a jog to help your lymph system clean your body. Exercise will also give you a boost of energy.


Your energy has been drained over the holidays. You shopped, cooked, prepared for the Thanksgiving dinner, and this might have strained your muscles and stressed your body out. To regain energy, spend a day just relaxing and winding down. Avoid going out and plan a peaceful night at home. Watch your favorite movie or read a good book while you loosen up tight muscles and get relief from aches and soreness.

Giving yourself time to recover from all the Thanksgiving stress is necessary to get back to your top shape. If you still feel unwell after several days of detoxifying, visit a Federal Way walk in clinic for a checkup.

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