Camping in the wilderness is undoubtedly a fun way of spending the summer. It is a great escape from the stresses that come with living in a fast-paced city. Unwinding in the woods and spending a couple of nights under the stars can be a therapeutic adventure.

One stunning place to go camping is at the Dash Point State Park Campground. However, there’s a catch. As with other campsites, it is an area where bugs can potentially thrive. But this shouldn’t put you off pitching your tents at Dash Point because it offers a lot of exciting activites you won’t want to miss.

In case you’ve been bitten, though, below are some natural ways recommended by providers of urgent care in Federal Way for you to treat your bites.

treating bug bites naturally

Use Plants Herbs

Fortunately, some herbal plants can come to the rescue when you are suffering from bug bites while camping. Aloe vera is one example of an amazing herbal plant that can soothe the pain associated with bug bites. It contains 34 amino acids and more than 130 active compounds that can easily treat skin. If you’re spending just a few days at the Dash Point State Park Campground, bring at least one stalk of Aloe vera. Freeze it the night before your departure, put it in a Ziploc, and tuck it away in your camping bag.

Cucumber and basil won’t only serve as ingredients for your cooking during a camping trip, but also are great treatments for bug bites. Cucumbers help reduce swelling while basil can relieve itchiness due to two compounds in it: thymol and camphor.

Essential Oils

Bringing a bottle of essential oil is easy to pack and light weight. Coconut, lavender, and tea tree oils have anti-inflammatory properties that can alleviate pain, itchiness and swelling. Tea tree oil, in particular, has antibacterial properties as well, which can help to prevent an infection.

Tea Bags

Itching and swelling can be reduced using the cooling effects of a tea bag, thanks to the tannin contained in it which acts as astringent to your bug bite.


Not necessarily an all-natural treatment for bug bites, but toothpaste has astringency properties that help alleviate itchiness. More than that, you’re less likely to forget to bring toothpaste along on your camping trip. Pick one that is mint or peppermint-flavored.


What to Do When Natural Treatments Fail

When itchiness and swelling persist after trying all the natural treatments listed above, you definitely need the help of urgent care providers. You can visit a Federal Way walk-in clinic, such as U.S. HealthWorks, to see a medical professional.

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