The Dash Point State Park offers an opportunity for an unforgettable camping experience. Covering 398 acres of land, the park features 3,301 feet of saltwater shoreline. You can marvel at the sight of the Puget Sound, as well as learn more about sea life as you relax and reconnect with nature. Though camping has several benefits, it also exposes you to injury risks that could put you in a Federal Way urgent care clinic. Given this, you need to be prepared by bringing first-aid kits and learning how to treat minor injuries.

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Here are some injuries and their treatments you should be aware of:

Sprains and Fractures

These injuries are common during camping due to rocky trails and hills. The RICE treatment (rest, ice, compress, and elevate) is an effective way to alleviate the pain. The first step is to “rest.” and stop whatever you were doing that caused the injury. Avoid moving the affected area. The next step is to put ice on the site to reduce the swelling and pain. Apply ice for 20 minutes every four hours. Third, compress the injury site by applying pressure. After completing the first three steps, elevate the affected area to regulate the circulation and reduce blood flow to the injury.


When going camping, expect to encounter plants that could irritate your skin. Among these are poison ivy, oak, and sumac. If you or someone you know develops a rashe, clean the affected area with water. Use ointment and prevent contact with clothes, accessories, and other items that could aggravate the irritation. Remove and wash the clothes that came in contact with the plant before using them again.

Weather-Related Injuries

Extreme weather can cause injuries such as heat stroke, frostbite, and dehydration. To prepare for weather changes, pack comfortable clothes that can protect your body from harsh weather elements. Also, drink lots of water to avoid dehydration and heat stroke. Bring an extra supply of water to ensure you will not run out while camping.

Knowing how to deal with these injuries will help make your camping trip safer and more fun. Prevention is still better than treatment though, so make sure you come prepared and informed. Camping has injury risks that may require urgent care; howeverknowing how to treat minor injuries yourself is essential in making your experience safe and fun. If you suffer from any injuries while camping, and the pain and discomfort persist, visit a provider of urgent care in Federal Way.


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