If you are looking for the perfect venue to swim in, the Federal Way Aquatics Center is the place to be. The facility offers both a leisure pool and a lap pool for those looking for a cardio workout or a chance to race other swimmers. Swimming lessons are also provided for people of all ages.

Swimmer’s Ear Symptoms

While having fun at this aquatics center, you may be prone to getting swimmer’s ear. This medical problem causes pain on the outer ear because bacteria from water can cause an infection. This condition usually occurs in high-traffic areas, such as a community or residential pool.


Swimmer’s ear typically causes pain and swelling on the outer ear. You may also experience itchiness, redness around the outer ear, and a feeling of the ear canal being blocked. If left untreated, symptoms may worsen, which include swelling of the lymph nodes, total blockage of the ear canal, and severe pain coming from the ear and side of the face.

Urgent Care and Treatment

Experiencing any one of these symptoms may cause some alarm, but this ear condition is easily treated when you seek assistance from urgent care near Federal Way. This facility contains providers that have a long history of diagnosing and treating swimmer’s ear.

It is possible that if your symptoms are mild, then your ears may just need a good cleaning. The health provider can assess you and determine the appropriate treatment needed.

For the more severe symptoms, such as lymph node swelling, the provider might opt to treat the infected area with high potency prescription eardrops. This medication responds quickly to the bacteria in the ear, helping to relieve the discomfort.

If you are still in pain, Federal Way urgent care providers may recommend pain relievers. Some examples include naproxen, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen.

What to Do Afterwards?

When you reenter the pool at the Federal Way Aquatics Center, you need to exercise some precautionary steps so that swimmer’s ear doesn’t quickly come back. Make sure that once you are out of the pool you dry the inside of your ears with a towel.

Use a towel that is completely dry, and ensure that you don’t press too hard inside your ear. This could cause bacteria to spread even further, increasing your chances of getting swimmer’s ear again.

Avoiding swimmer’s ear is possible if you pay attention to your surroundings. If you happen to start experiencing some of the common symptoms, seek medical treatment right away.

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